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Resolver (Training and Events) Ltd  presents

Online Dispute Resolution

Justice Re-Imagined

27th-28th June 2018




will they be talking about ?

The questions addressed will include:-


* What is the range of ODR processes?


* What ODR systems are currently operational and available?


* How can ODR benefit business?


* How can ADR professionals benefit from ODR?


* What results have emerged from operating ODR systems?

* What is the impact, positive and negative, of ODR on Access to Justice?

* What standards are required and what ethical principles may come into play, to avoid,  for example, frequent users, such a insurance claims handlers,  being able to gain advantage over the first time user.

* Which court system are adopting ODR and with what result?

* What is the Blockchain, how does it operate,  and why is it relevant to the future of ODR?

* What are Smart Contracts and how are they produced?

* What coding content of Smart Contracts could focus on resolving disputes through automated means?

* Do smart contracts containing automated resolution functionality present a threat or, as disputes around subjective assessment (eg quality) often require human opinion to resolve, an opportunity to arbitrators, adjudicators and ombudsmen? 

There will be simulations of online mediation and online arbitration as well as a live apolitical negotiation of the Brexit deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union. This will be a serious approach to the use of Artificial Intelligence  in ODR to aid the resolution of a complex multi-issue negotiation. The simulation will aid the negotiators with data from various  published impact studies to facilitate negotiation based on objective factors with no impact of politics. 

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