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Smartsettle Infinity

Smartsettle Infinity is an advanced AI driven ODR product of iCan Systems Inc of Canada and is designed for complex negotiations involving many issues. Templates can be configured which, in addition to the blind bidding tool (SmartsettleONE) , enable multiple issues to be applied as conditions of a payment offer, e.g. payment over a period of time, or withdrawal of an adverse online review, or, in a B2B dispute, agreement to continue doing business together.

The system requires the parties to evaluate the degree of importance to them of each of the potential elements of an agreed resolution and learns from such,and from the packages proposed by each party, what packages might be more likely to attract agreement from all sides.

The parties can propose varying packages of proposals , deciding in each case whether to keep them hidden and known only to the AI or to share with the other parties.

Settlements are only announced on terms that have been agreed by all sides. One of the most exciting aspects of the system is that, once agreement on a package has been reached, the system will identify if the package can be improved for all sides by including value 'left on the table.'

Use of Smartsettle Infinity is complex and requires to be applied by mediators trained specifically in its use.As an example of how its power can resolve complex disputes, Infinity was used at a conference on ODR organised in Liverpool in 2018 by Graham Ross to resolve a dispute with a fair degree of complexity – Brexit!

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