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Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between shareholders and/or directors within a limited company require special skills to resolve. We have set up a dedicated service at 

It is rather like family mediation but often with more than two spouses.  These disputes can be very damaging to the financial and trading well-being of the companies themselves. This is particularly so when the Board and shareholding is split evenly, thus often placing the company in a stalemate situation in which no one can make corporate decisions without the support of those with whom they are in dispute. The interests of the company itself is often overlooked as people fight to protect their own personal interests.  For most companies, resolving situation  is more difficult because they failed to enter into a Shareholders Agreement.

Boardroom Resolve assists directors and shareholders to resolve their disputes in a much faster and less costly fashion than by pursuing legal remedies through the courts and tribunals or simply arguing or, worse, not speaking to each other.

Importantly, as well as meetings and the telephone, I  use online dispute resolution software to enable me to conduct part or all of the process online, thus saving even more valuable time and enabling immediate commencement in urgent cases. Accountants, lawyers and other professional advisors to companies can become involved in that process if they wish and where appropriate. We also can bring in skilled lawyers where appropriate who understand the importance of mediation and will not push the dispute into court unnecessarily.

On that site you can not only learn about resolving disputes between shareholders, but you can learn about how to avoid disputes arising in the first place by entering into a Shareholders Agreement.

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