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Training in Online Dispute Resolution

Professor John Zeleznikow

Professor Zeleznikow, is Professor of Information Systems at Laboratory of Decision Support and Dispute Management at the College of Business, Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. For the past twenty years John has focussed on how Artificial Intelligence can be used to enhance decision-making. Specific examples have been created in the domains of law, negotiation and sport. His research findings have been utilised by law and mediation firms, Victoria Legal aid, Relationships Australia Queensland, Victorian Institute of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport and Relationships Australia Victoria.

Professor Zeleznikow's current teaching focuses upon research methods, research evaluation, negotiation, ethics and legal issues related to information technology.

John has conducted research and taught in Australian, US, French, Dutch, Israeli, Belgian, German, UK and Polish universities for forty years. He is the author of 3 research monographs, 65 refereed journal articles and over 200 refereed conference articles. John has also won over $A 7 million in competitive research grants.

He has successfully supervised 13 PhD students (including one who is a professor at Harvard Medical School), 6 postdoctoral fellows and over 50 honours students. On November 16 2005, he and a former PhD student Dr. Emilia Bellucci won their heat of ABC television's New Inventors program for software that assists divorcing couples to negotiate their disputes.

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