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Hold the front page – forget the politicians, forget the commentators, the Brexit deal of the UK with the European Union  will finally be resolved tomorrow (21st November 2018) not in Brussels, not in  London but in...Melbourne!


The power of Artificial Intelligence, when employed within complex multi-issue negotiations, will be demonstrated in a real time simulation to be held as preliminary to  a major international conference on applying technology to the task of resolving disputes, aka Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).


It will be conducted by a team led by ODR expert, solicitor Graham Ross, using software developed in Canada which will attempt to prove that ODR can be used to resolve the most complex disputes.


The software will enable ‘representatives’ of the UK, the EU and the Member States to put together a series of packages for agreement, informing the software, but not the other parties, of its priorities. The Artificial Intelligence in the software will ‘ learn’ of the priorities of each party as packages, hidden or revealed, are put together, and constantly assist and ‘nudge’ the negotiators to develop their packages  in a way more Iikely to lead to mutual agreement, finding hidden value left on the table to improve a deal even when one is reached. This is likely to be far more successful than publicly declaring the UK's position on individual issues, as has been the practice of PM Theresa May.


Former Vice-President of the European Parliament, Diana Wallis, assisted with the design of the simulation. International Expert in ODR, Graham Ross, who guided the UK courts into launching its current online court service will run the simulation using patented AI algorithms of British Columbia developers, ICan Systems Inc. If it resolves Brexit how difficult can other disputes be?


For one day in Melbourne, therefore, Political Intelligence will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence and, it is hoped, will  sort out Brexit once and for all


CONTACT:- Graham Ross (+44 7885 728801 - - @mediationroom )

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